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Open4Energy is an open source provider of information to consumers and small businesses on energy efficiency and renewable energy generation. We focus on attitude and the role of emerging technologies to facilitate energy efficiency and independence from fossil fuel.

Our directories are published to help our readers with energy efficiency. We do not charge manufacturers to be included in our directories. We do not sell any of their products. We independently publish these directories as an aid to reducing your energy footprint.

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Our forum authors are all recognized experts in their field. We only accept reader contributions that describe an  actual experience of using an energy efficiency technology, or an actual experience of doing an energy efficiency tip. There are plenty "open" forums on the Internet where readers can share their opinions on energy efficiency.

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It takes effort to publish the quality information included in our forums. It is a full time job to keep our readers safe. It is really unfortunate that there are bloggers & publishers who allow fake product reviews, earn affiliate income from questionable products and scams and manipulate Google search results. We are a community, and I urge each of you to think about what you will give back (pay it forwards) to support the free accurate resource we publish.

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There are 110 million households and 27 million small businesses in the United States. We can make a change and save electricity, one Watt at a time. If we work together we can learn what is needed to change. And if we apply our knowledge, we will change the face of our global energy footprint.

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