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A comprehensive Directory of Home Energy Monitoring Devices by the #1 site on the net for unbiased information on energy saving.  The information for each energy monitoring device has been obtained from the manufacturer's web site.

The title of each energy monitoring device is linked (they are safe to visit) to the manufacturer's home page. If you have any experience using one of these products, please Join our community and share your experience with us.

Home Energy Monitoring Devices - Open Source
The Open Energy Monitor Project
This is a project to develop and build open source energy monitoring and analysis tools for energy efficiency and distributed renewable micro generation. It makes it possible to do more than just use the technology, you can learn how it works from the physics of AC and DC electricity to electronic circuit design and software programming.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions or if you would like to contribute to the project by sharing your ideas and experiences!


Home Energy Monitoring Devices - United States
Aztech In-House Display
By collecting data from the rapidly increasing number of smart meters, homeowners can conveniently monitor their real-time energy consumption patterns and estimated costs in the comfort of their own home. Pilot studies have consistently shown actual energy savings of about 4-20% compared with homeowners who do not have an In-Home Display. Aztech
Energy Joule
Demand for energy (and the price of energy) changes constantly throughout the day. Saving energy (and money) is easier if we have a general idea of when we should use fewer lights and appliances, but most of us don't know exactly when the peak times for energy consumption are. Energy Joule
GreenQuest is a free-to-use online energy dashboard that enables households and commercial building owners to track their utility bills. Local and regional sponsors provide GreenQuest to their customers or community through a privately-branded GreenQuest website, placing a link on the organization’s homepage, and promoting the GreenQuest link. GreenQuest
Kill A Watt
Electricity bill are rising. Now you can cut down on costs and find out what appliances are actually worth keeping plugged in. Simply connect these appliances to the Kill A Watt™, and it will assess how efficient they really are. You can calculate your electrical expenses by the day, week, month, even an entire year.

With the amazing Kill A Watt™ you´ll know “Watts” killing you.
Microsoft Hohm
Bringing people together to save energy and money.

Microsoft is discontinuing the Microsoft Hohm service effective May 31, 2012. The service will continue to operate until that time.
Microsoft Hohm
PowerCost Monitor by Blue Line Innovations
An easy to install Sensor Unit that you can simply attach to the outside of your electric utility meter. The sensor reads the meter and transmits the information (range 100ft) wirelessly to the Power Monitor.

The Power Monitor shows real time electricity usage, highest amount spent in a 24 hour period, time, temperature at meter location, signal strength and the battery strength of both the display and sensor units.
PowerHouse Dynamics - eMonitor
PowerHouse eMonitor enables a home owner to measure each individual circuit. Know, in real time, how much energy every appliance in your house is using, how much electricity is being produced by the solar panels on your roof, and how much power it took to charge your electric car last night. PowerHouse Dynamics
The PowerPortal® IHD is an easy to use, AMI ready display that allows consumers to closely track their electricity consumption and receive messages or alerts from their utility provider.

The LCD display shows messages that are clear and intuitive, making it easy for consumers to manage their energy usage and costs.
The Energy Detective (TED)
TED (The Energy Detective) next generation in home energy monitoring. The complete TED 5000 system includes one Gateway, one pair of CTs, one MTU, and the optional TED 5000 Display.

Do visit our TED 5000 Forum Post for further information!
The Energy Detective
UFO Power Center by Visible Energy, Inc
The UFO Power Center is used as a regular power strip that provides four 110 Volts sockets. The energy used by each socket is measured separately and automatically logged. You can use our free Energy UFO application for iPhone and iPad to monitor and manage your energy consumption.
Watts up?
Watts up? are "plug load" meters that measure the amount of electricity used by whatever is plugged into them. Fast, intuitive and easy-to-use, Watts up? quickly and accurately measures any 100- 250 VAC device. The meters incorporate sophisticated digital electronics that enable precise and accurate measurements in an easy-to-use format. Measuring devices - WattsUp
Wattvision makes easy-to-use hardware and software to get your real-time energy use data on the web or your phone. Wattvision works with your existing electricity meter. Choose a system based on the type of utility meter you have -- we work with analog meters as well as newer digital meters. Wattvision


Home Energy Monitoring Devices - United Kingdom
AlertMe - Smart Energy and Monitoring
If your house could talk what would it say? With AlertMe Energy your home can tell you how energy is being used, show how much it costs and suggest ways to reduce your energy usage, helping you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

AlertMe Energy is designed to work perfectly with Google PowerMeter, allowing you to view your home’s energy usage directly your iGoogle homepage.
Current Cost
The first Current Cost monitor, the display allows you to monitor your homes energy consumption. Changing habits is easy with The Classic and allows householders to cut energy waste and their utility bills. The second-generation monitor has The Classic’s functions at its heart, with the added benefit of individual appliance monitoring so you can identify and monitor energy hungry appliances.

The transmitter and the sensor clamp are integral to current cost display functioning. Using more than one sensor allows you to measure two meters at your property.
Eco-Eye real time electricity monitors
Eco-eye is a wireless system which constantly measures the total amount of electricity coming into your home or business. The sensor simply clips around the cable running between your electricity meter and fuse box, relaying information which is updated every 4 or 30 seconds to the display unit.

Eco-eye is able to display data in Kilowatts or cost per hour, day, month or year giving you visual proof, in meaningful terms, of just how expensive some of your appliances really are. - wireless electricity monitors
Efergy’s range of Wireless Electricity Monitors allows you to instantly see how much energy you are using, so you can take action to reduce it. Our monitors give you feedback on your energy usage in real time – as regularly as every 6 seconds – so you can make instant changes and instant savings.

Efergy electricity monitors are easy to install, simple to use and can start saving you money today.
ewgeco - making meters smarter
Ewgeco is a wireless energy monitor that displays your electricity, water and gas consumption in real-time, using an easy to understand ‘traffic light’ display.

By showing you the actual cost, kilowatts, litres/hour, CO2 emissions, and unique Ewgeco units, it lets you see and understand your energy consumption patterns, helping you to actively reduce your usage, costs, carbon emissions and waste.
Green Energy Options
We offer a range of Home Energy Hubs that make energy visible and help you to manage, understand and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide you produce. Whether you're looking for your home, school, or business, we've got an energy display to suit your needs.

Green Energy Options is a new and innovative business dedicated to helping people use energy more efficiently, to cut the carbon emissions, and to move toward renewable energy sources.
Onzo Smart Energy Kit
The Kit consists of an award winning in-home display, a sensor and web portal.

The display, which can be positioned in the home in a variety of ways, delivers simple and coherent information to consumers, helping them make decisions on their energy usage in real-time. It receives per-second data wirelessly from a self-charging sensor that has been designed for easy user-installation to a cable from the electricity meter.
OWL - make you home an owl home
OWL Wireless Electricity Monitor (CM119), provides up to the second information on the amount of electricity you are using in terms of power, cost and your carbon footprint. This means you can see in real time the benefits of turning off electrical devices at home.

Whether it's turning off at the plug rather than just using standby, or simply turning off a light, OWL shows you the cash impact of changing your habits.

Saving money in a 401(k) account, managing it with a Personal Choice Retirement Account (PCRA) or equivalent, is a wise financial choice. Having fun, finding smart ways to save electricty, and teaching science to our children is life changing!

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