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A comprehensive directory of Home Energy Saving Systems by the #1 site on the net for unbiased information on energy saving.  The information for each energy saving system has been provided by the manufacturer's web site.

The title of each energy saving system is linked (they are safe to visit) to the manufacturer's home page. If you have any experience using one of these systems, please Join our community and share your experiences with us.

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Control4 Home control is technology that links and controls the electronics and systems in your home – through one easy-to-use interface. Life's better when everything works together. One-touch Home Theater, Multi-room Music, Smart Lighting, Advanced Temperature Control, Safety and Security.

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EnergateEnergate's home energy management solutions let consumers and utilities manage energy use and reduce peak demand without sacrificing comfort and convenience. A home energy management partner with a solution that's platform-agnostic, ZigBee compliant, future-proof and feature-rich.

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Energy Engage

Energy EngageEnergy EngageTM is a Web 2.0 consumer engagement solution that allows utilities to provide individual customers access to relevant, up-to-date information regarding their electricity usage and costs. Including custom-tailored programs that encourage conservation and reduce peak demand.

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EnergyHub An EnergyHub system creates a Home Area Network (HAN) by connecting a touchscreen Home Base, a Wireless Thermostat, and Sockets and Strips to monitor and control individual appliances. Add Heavy Duty Controllers for devices like water heaters and pool pumps.

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GroundedPower combines Real-Time Monitoring with a highly intuitive Interactive Customer Engagement System that changes the paradigm for energy efficiency creating persistent behavior change, driving dramatic and sustained savings, while enhancing relationships between utilities and their customers.
HAI Smart Grid Solutions
HAI has built upon its past experience to create a very flexible product line to meet the needs of any utility customer. Our full suite of products will cover any type of HAN application and includes Programmable Communicating Thermostats (PCTs), an In Home Display (IHD), and Load Control Modules (LCMs).

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Makad Energy LLC

Makad Energy LLCMakad Energy develops and markets products and services in the energy management and conservation space, and is the exclusive licensee of the DreamWatts® technology platform. The DreamWatts Energy Management System is a web-based, user-friendly system for automating commercial and residential buildings to better manage energy consumption.

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PowerNab is a software platform that integrates commercial and home electronic and electrical devices. The concept is to allow your entire building's electronic and electric circuitry to communicate with one another. Having the ability to remotely control these devices can result in receiving precise information to achieve targeted power saving goals.

PowerNab is the superior energy resource company to assist in lowering homeowners' energy bills.
Rainforest Automation Inc.
Rainforest Automation Inc. enables two-way communication between utilities, homeowners, and their power meters. Our products allow utilities to communicate power information in real-time to their customers, collect power meter information for the utilities, and provide an energy management platform that benefits both.

Our founders helped build the Internet. Work with us to build the Internet of Power.
Silver Spring Networks - Smart Energy Platform
Silver Spring enables utilities to rapidly and cost effectively deploy a broad set of Smart Grid initiatives. Whether a utility starts with advanced metering or distribution automation or focuses on consumers with demand response or electric vehicle projects, Silver Spring delivers the unified platform needed for these missions to succeed.

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em-power by Smart System Technologies
Your home is a full of equipment and devices to make your life more comfortable and pleasant. The em·power system helps control and coordinate these items so you don’t have to. The em·power system features multiple interfaces to control your home.
Shaspa - Social Energy Meter
The Shaspa Smart Home Kit is an open platform that utilizes a network of intelligent sensors which serve to provide information about the state of the home. Through the Shaspa Bridge, this information is processed and made available through a number of access methods like touch screens, Mobile phones and 3D Browsers.

Shaspa is a solution that saves money and reduces emissions.
The Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem (TREE) gives YOU unprecedented insight into and control over your household energy footprint. The in-home wireless network allows appliances and electrical outlets to talk instantly and directly to a home energy monitor or web portal enabling you to understand and manage your energy consumption. You can monitor that consumption in real-time and conserve energy by adjusting your usage according to your personal energy needs.
Verizon Home Monitoring & Control Kit

Verizon Kit The smart home of the future is yours today with Verizon Home Monitoring and Control. Choose from a variety of easy-to-install home automation and energy management features that can be controlled remotely from your computer, smartphone, or FiOS TV.

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Saving money in a 401(k) account, managing it with a Personal Choice Retirement Account (PCRA) or equivalent, is a wise financial choice. Having fun, finding smart ways to save electricty, and teaching science to our children is life changing!

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