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We need all our readers to work with us if we are going to make any decent progress in stopping these energy scam artists. This link goes to a page that explains our costs and how we cover them. We really do need a few moments of your time to overcome the well funded strategy these criminals have at their disposal.

Scam Alert Open4Energy's main purpose is to educate the public on the urgent need for improved energy awareness. We do this by writing accurate articles about energy efficiency, gathering real people's experiences, and exposing the more nasty product scams floating about.

Every now and again I am contacted by a consumer about a scam that winds me up. It is not the scam that gets to me. It is seeing the Internet, which I believe is our opportunity for good, being used with impunity to fleece good caring people.

There are so many urgently needed causes, like Operation Savannah which we support, and the help required for our global Veterans who suffer from Moral Injury or PTSD. Each time someone is scammed on the Internet, a purchase, a fake request or getting a virus, our trust in the Internet is cynically eroded.

This scam, and it's many derivatives is based on the human nature to get a best deal. Like all good scams it takes an honest right use of the Internet, draws the victim in, and then stabs them in the back. We have all been given something we do not need, or find oursleves in a situation where we want/must sell something to make ends meet. Craigslist and eBay came into existence to extend this long established practise. To be able to offer these items to people beyond our local church, community and 2nd's stores.

A Chanel bag advertised on Craigslist, by a seller claiming hardship, or intention to donate the monies, or simply offered at a good price is something you will find happening every day. I have sold and purchased accessories for my computer infrastructure this way. We do not charge for our services, so we depend on this for managing our costs. I am a "typical guy" so do not completely relate to a Chanel bag. But I have things I like to wear and use. So I fully understand why a lady would want to own a Chanel bag, and be able to purchase it at a "better" price.

by our reader "I responded to a Craigslist AD for a Chanel Handbag. I contacted the seller via text. Seller contacted me asking if I would make her an offer. We went back and forth and agreed a price of $1200. I wanted to pay with Paypal. She responded that Paypal has 3% fees, and could I wire to her husbands business account."

by Open4Energy This is a typical conversation that people are having every day. A product for sale at a fair price, and a desire to save bank fees which no one likes.

by our reader "I asked her to send me an invoice. Next day, I received a call but had to call her back. When I called she alleged that she's a civil attorney. She had sold her house and bought another. She mentioned that her husband is an oil tycoon, and likes to buy her expensive handbags. She was cutting me a deal as I am a single parent. So I thanked her and thought, "what a good person". That afternoon I received an invoice for $1200. Next day I went I took care of wiring the alleged husband!"

by Open4Energy Note the professional appeal; cost saving, reason to sell a Chanel bag, woman to woman bonding, I am a decent person by offering a reduced price. But no bag is shipped!

by our reader "After following up on the missing delivery. I received a text saying that the invoice did not include a shipping fee. She needs another $100. I told her to send item and that I would send the money. She refused. So I sent her an additional $60 + $25 wiring fee to overnight the bag. And again, no bag was shipped".

Being scammed out of the money you work hard for is tough. To go public, to risk being considered foolish is brave. To be willing to suffer so that others can be spared is love! May God bless you. You know who you are.

To eBay and Craigslist I say "clean up your act" - it is long past due!

Get Smart about Energy™