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The following information has been produced directly from the Pelican Wireless Systems product web page.

Pelican Wireless Systems

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Manufacturer Product Information
The Pelican Wireless Thermostat provides easy control and monitoring of your thermostat settings. The easy to understand, large display, shows current temperature and the active settings. Intuitive buttons allow you to set the desired temperature, heating or cooling, and fan modes. A quick access light button illuminates the display for night viewing.

Internet Programmable
A free subscription is provided to access the thermostat's features
Create a unique and dedicated Web portal address
Secure connection for easy HVAC settings
User friendly interface

Wireless Control and Monitoring
Connect directly to your existing HVAC system's wiring
Communicates wirelessly to the Pelican Wireless Gateway which is connected to the Internet via your router
Program your system using any device that has Internet access from anywhere in the world

Smartphone Compatible
Use on the iPhone Web-App from anywhere in the world
Use on any Smartphone with enhanced Web Capabilities (Android, Palm, Blackberry)
Compatible with all standard browsers
Clear and crisp user friendly system

Energy Efficient
Graphical charts that illustrate how much energy is being used by your HVAC system
Historical Usage information allows schedule to be tuned to maximize energy efficiency
Preset Adjustable Schedule to save on energy costs when people aren't present
Off hours reports to allow for customer bill back
Remote Management and Diagnosis to minimize service calls
Meets ENERGY STAR® and California Title 24 Guidelines

Easy Installation
Certified contractors will install your system quickly without installing special wiring
Replace old thermostats by using existing wiring
Automatically self installs in seconds using secure encrypted technology
Special limited wiring capability - Allows installations with as few as 3 wires to control multi-stage HVAC systems
A wizard will walk you through a few simple steps for setting up access and completing the installation
Compatible with new installations, replacement installations, and upgradeable pre-wired systems


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