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The following information has been produced directly from the BAYWeb Thermostat product web page.

BAYWeb Thermostat

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Manufacturer Product Information
The BAYweb Thermostat saves the maximum amount of energy almost effortlessly. Once installed, you will rarely have to think about resetting or programming your thermostat again. Saving money and energy is great but the real breakthrough is achieving this year after year with minimal ongoing effort.

Designed to install yourself, the BAYweb Thermostat is the least expensive and most full featured Internet enabled thermostat available. There are no additional or ongoing fees required. Typical energy savings will pay for the thermostat in about a year.

Wireless occupancy sensing enables the thermostat to automatically adapt the activity based scheduler to your lifestyle. Going on vacation for a week, out for the evening, staying home, or gone for the summer, the BAYweb thermostat takes care of keeping you comfortable when home and efficient when away.

Relax, your home or office is being monitored. The BAYweb thermostat will notify you of problems with your heating or air conditioning, and other important potential problems, such as a break-in or sump pump failure. These alerts are delivered to your mobile phone and to a list of email addresses you select.

The alert server in our data center will alert you if the Internet connection used by the thermostat goes offline for more than 10 minutes. This warns you that you will not receive other alerts until the Internet connection is restored.

The BAYweb Thermostat's controls are elegant simplicity. The soft green easy to read display discretely indicates the temperature in a low profile package, that blends pleasantly with your decor. The thermostat is available in white, black and beige. Until now, programmable thermostats have been too complex and difficult to use. We utilized the power and advantages of a web-based interface to take the hassle out of setting up your thermostat. Forget those programming headaches, squinting at that tiny screen, and trying to remember how to just set the clock.

Energy Management
The BAYweb Thermostat provides comprehensive energy management reporting, analysis, and alerting functions previously only found in expensive and complex building management systems available to large commercial and industrial customers. In addition to analysis and reporting, you can setup your web portal to alert you if the energy usage ever exceeds a specified threshold, a great feature for parents, vacation home owners, landlords and building managers.


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