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HoJo MotorThe "HoJo Motor or Howard Johnson Motor or JohnsonMotor" scam is a derivative of the original "Magniwork Perpetual Motion" scam. The principle behind the scam is to offer plans showing you how to use magnets to build a perpetual motion energy generator.

We sincerely hope that the idea you can get energy for FREE, the outlandish claims of 25% to 50% saving, and the recognizable marketing format including some government conspiracy theory, will have alerted you to the probability of a scam! These plans are a nasty effort to part you from your hard earned cash.

Please do not underestimate the seriousness of these scams. You may be able to afford losing the $47.50 that the scam takes from you. But, we cannot afford the cumulative affect of where this money is going, and how it is being used. Please do not allow your money to be used to fund organized crime!

Howard Johnson dedicated his life to exploring the energy produced by magnetic fields. We have linked this page to the 3 patents we found in his name, filed with the US patent office, so that you can have FREE access to his original claims. We do encourage you to disregard these scam plans, so abusing his good name.  

Hank Mills wrote a great “Letter to Hojo Motor Plan Scammers” in which he stated:

Howard Johnson was a brilliant inventor. You got that one fact correct. However, his technologies were never fully developed, and were still very experimental when he died. Even if he was able to create motion in an experimental test rig (after hundreds or thousands of hours of work), it was not ready to power a home, an appliance, or even a very light load like a light bulb. The idea that someone could take plans for his device, and build a system capable of powering their home, is totally absurd. Unless of course, they had tens of thousands of dollars to spend, months to experiment just to make a motor self-sustain, and even more time and money to do the research and development needed to do anything practical with it.

My appreciation to Chris at MapaWatt who provided us with the patent #'s filed by Howard Johnston. We have included the abstract for each patent below, and posted a link to the original patent filed with the US patent Office.  He has written an excellent article explaining why perpetual motion free energy machines can not work.

US Patent #4,151,431 - Johnson; Howard R. Filed 1973 - Issued 1979 - Expired 2009
Abstract: The invention is directed to the method of utilizing the unpaired electron spins in ferro magnetic and other materials as a source of magnetic fields for producing power without any electron flow as occurs in normal conductors, and to permanent magnet motors for utilizing this method to produce a power source. In the practice of the invention the unpaired electron spins occurring within permanent magnets ...

US Patent #4,877,983 Johnson; Howard R. Filed 1985 - Issued 1989
Abstract: A permanent magnet armature is magnetically propelled along a guided path by interaction with the field within a flux zone limited on either side of the path by an arrangement of permanent stator magnets.

US Patent #5,402,021 Johnson; Howard R. Filed 1993 - Issued 1995
Abstract: A magnetic propulsion system including a plurality of specifically arranged permanent magnets and a magnetic vehicle propelled thereby along a path defined by the permanent magnets. The magnetic vehicle which is to be propelled includes a rigidly attached armature comprising several curved magnets. The propulsion system further includes two parallel walls of permanent magnets arranged so as to define the lateral sides of a vehicle path. Preferably, the walls are identical to one another except that the polarities of the magnets which define one wall are opposite from the polarities of the corresponding magnets in the opposite wall.


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