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It's been over 6 months since I got really serious about saving electricity in our apartment. I thought it might be useful to write up our "real" experiences, particularly for people like us who live in an apartment.

The process of energy saving in our apartment began with significant change in my attitude. I was writing on the use of electricity in my home office. As I did so I could not help noticing how poor my whole attitude to energy efficiency actually was. I am quite convinced that unless a person personalizes the real cost of energy waste, they will pay little more than lip service to the work needed to implement any actual savings.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much good information was freely available on the Internet. But I was most distressed to see how much "marketing hype" was being promoted by "others" seeking to profit from my good intentions. I urge all our readers to be awake to this issue, and to carefully validate any energy savings claims being made. I refer you to our postings on Smart Power Strips and our expose of Vampire Power. I am not against technology, in fact I am all for technology, particularly open source technology. But technology has its place and is no substitute for turning things off when they are not being used.

But having energy awareness, a good attitude and getting yourself well read up on the subject is ONLY the beginning of the story. There are a limited number of ways an apartment owner can save energy. If you do not know where YOU are using energy, it will be really hard to know where to focus or to judge if an investment is actually worth it for you.

Follow this link apartment energy audit to begin your journey of apartment energy saving. It does not really matter what electricity or energy others save, this is about discovering what energy YOU can save!

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