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Just look at them, the greedy shameless energy hogs that they are. Brought to account at last thanks to the latest development in compact fluorescent bulb technology, and the helping hand of our bedroom blanket.

"We have been after this group for some time" said CFL Bulb. "The six candelabra were hiding in wall fixtures and an elegant old lamp. The A19 were found crouched in the bathroom and kitchen fittings. They all thought they were safe, a shortage of replacement technology, space constraints and limited funding have allowed them to remain at large for some time. Between them they have been guzzling over 800Watts of electricity."

I believe in conserving energy and limiting the carbon we contribute to the air we breathe, but not at the cost of appropriate financial responsibility. We are called to be responsible stewards of ALL our resources.

I knew that I could save an additional 78% of my electricity if I could source reliable (means Energy Star to me) CFL alternatives. Thanks to Wholesale Bulbs, I have been able to further reduce my home lighting maintenance costs, my energy bill and achieve my desire to save energy and minimize our emissions. This is responsible thinking!

In our next post I will be showing a graph of the actual energy used by these 12 bulbs and comparing it to the energy used by the CFL replacement bulbs I installed yesterday.

I could not resist taking a picture of the sorry bunch, sitting on the early Christmas present we were given last week. Adam and his wife gave us the blanket to help us keep warm! I think they knew that saving energy by lowering the thermostat has its drawbacks!

They will be pleased to see that their gift is in use, and made a safe holding cell for this bunch.

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