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Product Introduction by Open4Energy
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Orchid is the brains of our Demand Response solution. It collects information from various sources and automatically optimizes energy consumption and shifts energy usage to balance peak loads. Energy usage history and control preferences can be accessed from anywhere via a simple, web-based user interface.

Orchid is based upon a scalable architecture that meets the needs of homeowners, building owners, and utilities, and uses the industry standard Zigbee Smart Energy Profile.

EMU™: Energy Monitoring Unit
The EMU™ is a highly reliable, secure, in-home display, designed for cost-sensitive high-volume utility smart meter deployments.

EMU™ presents real-time energy use, price and billing data, and other Utility-mandated information, as communicated from a linked Smart Meter.

EMU™'s user interface is simple: an up or down button scrolls the display through easy-to-understand display modes. No configuration, setup or user instruction is required. EMU™ displays the utility's peak grid or pricing status to the user via an intuitive traffic-light green/amber/red LED light configuration. This three-light design can be interpreted by the 8% of the male population that cannot read a multi-colored light due to color blindness.

EMU™ maintains a ZigBee® wireless link to the user's smart meter. EMU™ fetches current meter data upon a user button press, or every 15 minutes during periods of user inactivity. EMU™ is very power efficient, providing 50m (150ft) of indoor wireless range and two years of battery life on a set of standard AA batteries.

EMU™ can collect and relay to the utility a variety of usage statistics, such as frequency of use and preferred display modes that will allow critical feedback on the success of their energy conservation programs.

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