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Eco Power

The "Free Eco Power Generator" scam is a derivative of the original "Magniwork Perpetual Motion" scam. The scam is created by misrepresenting some legitimate research into magnets and their force fields. We hope that the claim of FREE electricy and 25% to 50% savings will have warned you off. These plans are a nasty effort to part you from your hard earned cash.

Update - 08/23/10 - We hear that the name Ronald Bronson has been replaced with Donald Williams, but the product and its bogus claims remain the same. Do be on guard for false positive reviews for they are usually people trying to sell the products.

Changing the name form Ronald Bronson to Donald Williams, and the product name from Free Power Blueprint to Free Eco Power Generator is a poor attempt to give new life to this old scam on perpetual motion, magnets and energy. If you are intersted in the potential of magnets to produce electricity there are a number of excellent web sites and FREE Internet resources available.

by Chris at MapAWatt - "I have confirmed with my own eyes that Magniwork is a SCAM! One of the readers was kind enough to share the Magniwork plans with me and they are laughable. The whole “document” is 57 pages long and looks like something a kid in high school put together. The final “generator” is basically a magnet that is 2″ high sitting on a turntable that is 4″ high!"

The original site was created by scientist Ronald Bronson - see below - and his plans are designed to build a zero point free energy generator to completely eliminate your electric bill.

One of the most disheartening aspects of all these scams is the amount of money the perpetrators seem to have for promoting and advertising them. As an open source publisher, dependent on contributions and advertising to pay our way, there is little more frustrating to me than the way Google is being abused to promote these scams. I understand that there is little they can actually do about it, for they are not the internet value police, and imagine how we would feel if they did make value judgments on our content.

The only answer is for us publishers to be vigilant so that we block any adverts from these scam domains. And for you our readers to value our content with your visits, comments and links. This way the advertising will not get through, and the "garbage" scam content postings will get hidden in the black hole of "never seen" internet search results.


Open4Energy - Get Smart about Energy™

I was able to find (original link is dead) - an affiliate resource for sites to promote affiliate links - they have 3 of the products in their catalog - free eco power, free power blueprint and Magnet4power (which is a twist on the one we have called Magnet4energy) - directory now updated. We have written and asked that these products be removed from their catalog - some listen, most do not! Readers - if you see a product from - suggest you take a really close look before you go there!