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Energy Monitoring and the Big Three: Google, Microsoft, and Apple

It seems that in the last year solutions available for residential energy monitoring have exploded. Luckily this is Mapawatt's "bread and butter". The boom in popularity has a lot do to with the flood of products hitting the market for people to track and control their energy usage (see a complete list of energy monitors ), but a large part of the increased attention in this area is due to the focus that Google, Microsoft and now Apple are putting on energy monitoring.

Web Connected Electricity Monitoring: Track, Control, Play

Last night I was flipping through January's Popular Science and my eyes lit up on page 24. The title was "Knowledge is Power" and the topic was web-connected devices that track household electricity usage. If you've read our list of Energy Monitoring companies you know energy monitoring is one of Mapawatt's favorite topics. You can also find more information on the importance of energy monitoring in Part 2 of our Energy Tools for Newbies series.

TED 5000 is installed! It’s alive!

In the future, when the smart grid is finally here, every home will have a smart meter. But the future is a long ways off, so there is no sense in waiting. Energy, Inc., the manufacturers of The Energy Detective and the TED 5000 announced on Tuesday, June 30th that the TED 5000 was ready to order. Well, my TED 5000 came by FedEx today and I had it installed and running in around an hour.