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Magnetic Energy Generator Plans - Scam Review

The "Magnetic Generator Plans" scam is a derivative of the original Magniwork Perpetual Motion scam. The principle behind the scam is the idea that magnets can be used as a perpetual motion system to generate electricity. We hope that the idea you can get energy for FREE, the outlandish claims of 25% to 50% and the recognizable marketing format used by these scam artists will have been an early alert.

Magniwork Perpetual Motion - Scam Review

***Update -7/27/09 – I’ve confirmed with my own eyes that Magniwork is a SCAM! One of the readers was kind enough to share the Magniwork plans with me and they are laughable ... The final “generator” is basically a magnet that is 2″ high sitting on a turntable that is 4″ high! They claim that its output is 24.5 Watts! That is 1/100th of what my house uses when the AC is on.