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Free Eco Power Generator - Scam Review

The "Free Eco Power Generator" scam is a derivative of the original "Magniwork Perpetual Motion" scam. The principle behind the scam is the idea that magnets can be used as a perpetual motion system to generate electricity. We hope that the idea you can get energy for FREE, the outlandish claims of 25% to 50% and the recognizable marketing format used by these scam artists will have been an early alert. These plans are a nasty effort to part you from your hard earned cash.

Ambigrid DIY Energy - Scam Review

DIY Home Solar Energy projects are a cost effective way to install solar energy when approached correctly! Follow our articles by Solar Man Dan, who is a Licensed Solar contractor with a NABCEP certification (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners), has a degree in electronic technology, and 24 years of experience installing solar energy systems.