Nikola Tesla - Secret Power Device - Scam Review


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Nikola Tesla Secret The "Nikola Tesla Secret Power Device" scam is for all practical purposes a derivative of the original "Magniwork Perpetual Motion" scam. The principle behind this scam is that you can tap into a free supply of radiant energy to power your home. All you need is the 90 year old secret plan from Nikola Tesla.

We hope that the idea you can get energy for FREE, and the foolish claims of kicking your local utility out within a week will have alerted you to the recognizable marketing format used by scam artists.

Kernal of Truth - by - Angry customers admit  that the guide does contain kernels of truth. “Some of the suggestions in the e-book can reduce your home power consumption. For example, checking for air leaks, have better home insulation, servicing your air-conditioning unit or heate etc,”wrote one.  But is it essentially amateurish and misleading, they say. “The whole “document” is 57 pages long and looks like something a kid in high school put together.

The information following is a copy of the article by Bill Beaty called Free Energy Devices.


Several legitimate free energy researchers do exist, but they don't spend huge amounts on advertising like the scammers do. You probably won't have heard of them. The people who pursue wide publicity are almost all scam artists.

If someone is making large amounts of money from selling books and videos on free energy, be very suspicious. If someone is selling plans for "real" free-energy devices, they are a ripoff. Don't waste your money. Or if someone is selling "Dealer ships" or investment opportunities for a free energy corp, hold tight to your wallet and RUN!

Or, if you've already let them get their hands on your money, ask to see proof of the FE device, and see what excuse you're given. It will be a very convincing excuse.

Scam artists don't act sneaky. Scam artists survive because they seem far MORE honest and honorable than a normal person. Remember that the "con" in "con game" means "confidence." They win your confidence first, then they go after your money.

How to tell the difference between a con game and a real product?

Easy: if you "have to" give them money before receiving a reasonable explanation of what it is and how it works, then it is probably a scam.


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