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A comprehensive Directory of Data Center Energy Management Systems by the #1 site on the net for unbiased information on energy saving.  The information for each data center system has been provided by the manufacturer's web site.

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Open Source - Data Center Energy Management Systems
Osmius: Business-Oriented Enterprise Monitoring
Osmius is software for supervising heterogeneous systems using multi-platform agents distributed over a network. With Osmius you can control network elements like servers, data bases, web or ftp servers, the temperature sensors in an industry production chain or a domestic electrical appliance, and represent the data in meaningful groups and charts to the user with web consoles.
Commercial - Data Center Energy Management Systems
Arch Rock Energy Optimizer™
Arch Rock has been acquired by Cisco. Monitor thermal efficiency at any granularity in time and space and get real-time alerts. Get the complete picture with real-time knowledge of every PDU, circuit and rack's power usage and power factor.
CA ecoSoftware
CA ecoSoftware helps you cut energy costs, manage energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and meet your environmental goals. It can provide valuable up-to-date information about energy patterns using data captured directly from your organization.
EpiSensor's SiCA Platform™ can be used for wireless street light monitoring, building management, data center monitoring, temperature tracking and automatic meter reading systems.
Intel® Data Center Manager
Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM) SDK provides power and thermal monitoring and management for servers, racks and groups of servers in data centers. Management Console Vendors (ISVs) and System Integrators (SIs) can integrate Intel® DCM into their console or command-line applications and provide high value power management features to IT organizations.
JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) product suite. A leading innovator in enterprise energy management systems for data centers, distributed office environments, and facilities.
Packet Power
Packet Power provides the insight that companies need to reduce their data center power consumption. Our solution gathers detailed information down to the device level and can be installed within an hour without disruption to your power or IT infrastructure.
Power Assure - Power Management for Data Centers
Power Assure lowers your data center energy costs by dynamically balancing the supply of servers in your data center in order to meet actual customer demand. Choose any action you want: put the servers to sleep, turn off selected components, repurpose servers, or shut them down.
Modius OpenData
Modius® offers a complete measurement and monitoring solution for generating a single, real-time view of all business critical facilities across the enterprise, including all major data centers, server rooms, branch offices, and IDF closets.
Raritan Power IQ
Raritan offers Power IQ energy management software that centalizes power control and analytics from Raritan's intelligent PDUs and a wide range of third party rack PDUs including APC and Server Technology.
Backed by the premier investors in Silicon Valley and with leading corporate sponsorship, SeaMicro is building solutions that revolutionize the data center landscape. Currently in stealth mode, SeaMicro is led by a team of industry veterans who bring together unique expertise in data networking, computation and data center design.
Sentilla Energy Manager for Data Centers™
Sentilla Energy Manager is a software-only solution that maximizes data center efficiency through physical, virtual, and cloud IT infrastructure optimization.  Sentilla provides instant, asset-level visibility that connects IT performance with costs, building business agility into your IT organization as you proactively plan for upcoming requirements, evaluate cloud strategy, and implement flexible IT infrastructures.

Sentry Power Manager
Sentry Power Manager provides a global view of all Sentry CDUs with the ability to view devices based on their temperature, humidity, current and device status. Besides managing and monitoring all alarm conditions, this information can also be used to provide reporting and trending information for display within SPM or integrated with your existing Building Management System (BMS).
SynapSense Active Control™
SynapSense Active Control™is a wireless data center monitoring and energy management solution. It provides real time visibility, enhanced monitoring alerts and air mixing metrics which lead to significant energy savings.
Viridity - Energy-Optimized Data Centers
Within hours of launching Viridity’s energy resource management software, actionable data about energy consumption relative to application utilization is available. Specific analysis and action plans are easily derived, assisting you on your way to realizing and quantifying your energy improvements.


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