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Scam Opinion by Open4Energy
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EcoPlugThe "EcoPlug" also known as "EcoWattPlug" claims to make your high electricity bill obsolete though correcting the power factor in your home. It further claims that an improved power factor will extend the life of electrical devices, help electrical motors run more efficiently, save light bulbs and eliminate static interference.

All electric motors, including fridges, air conditioners, fans and computers generate reactive power which will affect their power factor. Just to be clear - this unit is a complete waste of money in our opinion.

This article - Trading standards warning over bogus energy saving plugs - says it all!

The Trading Standards Institute (TSI) is dealing with more than 200 complaints about people who have claimed to be a victim's energy supplier, or working in partnership with them, and are offering a plug-in device costing £99 which they say can save users 40% on energy bills. But trading standards has had a number of the devices tested and found that they not only failed to satisfy electrical safety standards because the pins are too short and the internal connections faulty, but they do not deliver any tangible energy savings.

One of the biggest issues with these scams is the "legal obtaining" of your credit card information. On the face of it the supplier will collect your credit card information to complete this legal purchase. You will probably be shipped a useless piece of "stuff" made in some low cost sweat shop. If you are fortunate it will not short, overheat or do something else too nasty. But your credit card is now in the hands of a highly undesirable person/company.  And in most cases they will soon do something highly undesirable with it. Consumers, beware !

There is truth in the fact that our homes have devices which consume electricity at reduced power factors. As an example we know that "CFL light bulbs" have a Power factor of 55% to 70%, while incandescent light bulbs have a power factor of 100%.

Power factor and power factor correction are indeed subjects that we should be aware of, but it is "near fraud" when excessively marketed to home owners as a way to save money on their electricity bill. If you are being approached to buy any one of these - "EcoPlug" - "EcoWattPlug" or its many derivatives - we suggest you run!

We have an overview on "Power Factor" and the definitions for real power, apparent power and reactive power for those who would like to understand more of the technical details on this topic.

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Total scam, EcoWatt does nothing and look at their 30 policy! They won't allow
return on anything that has been opened.