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Magnetic Energy Secrets by Paul Babcock - A real Person; real patents; but of questionable value.

We need all our readers to work with us if we are going to make any decent progress in stopping these energy scams. The link above goes to a page that explains what we do. We need a few moments of your time; to let us know about similar scams; to share this post; if we are to overcome the well funded strategy these con artists have at their disposal.

Magnetic Energy Secrets May I first appeal to the common sense of our readers. You know when you are being scammed. Magnetic Energy Secrets; the conference series; Parts 1, 2 and 3, by Paul Babcock; has no secrets; why include Nikola Tesla; and is probably a scam.

My thanks to Alan in Canada who alerted me to this latest issue of an old secret magnetic energy claim. Although it is particularly troubling to me that the syndicated radio program, called Coast to Coast, is covering this marginal value proposition again.

The energy secrets program follows a well proven model of bait and switch.  It begins with a credible reference to the potential of electricity and magnetism. The excessive claims, include a subliminal appeal to power company conspiracy, and deceives us into thinking we are getting something special when we are not.

We are all taught that magnets can play a role in  generating electricity. This builds trust as it confirms something we know to be true. We all know that the earth has a significant magnetic field. We all know that magnets will respond to this. And it is true that there are many elements of science that we do not understand. I do encourage research into magnetic energy; power factor correction; solar panels etc, in their right places. Please be careful. The 4 truths listed do not add up to free electricity for you to use. Secret or no secret!

My reason for questioning this program is the use of the word secret, the marketing hype that accompanies this supply of information, albeit true, the reference to Nikola Tesla, and potentially little real value to any home owner.

At the same time; if you want a good read; something by Paul Babcock; who has many years invested in energy may be a fun thing to do. I did research his patent claim: see link: Controllable Universal Supply with Reactive Power Management

The patent is valid. It establishes Paul's claim of having a patent and his expertise in electrical motors. However I found no reference to "magnetic energy" or magnetism. Further; I found links to an interview - including Nicola Tesla - (always puts my guard up) - claiming 5,000% energy savings - and - which is soundly debunked.

I found this link, going back to 2012; a web site called - free energy - which is owned by a company called Clear Tech Inc, and has some recurring names, Paul  Babcock, Peter Lindemann, David Babcock, all familiar in free energy circles.

In my opinion; this is a buyer beware. If you are looking for some secret way to cut your home electricity bill by building a home energy generator based of free magnetic energy, I doubt you will find it here. If you are looking for some interesting ideas, want to try something new, you will be better off buying this program than any round of drinks at your local pub.

As a general rule, you can assume that any product, inviting you to pay for its knowledge, claiming to have something "secret" and unique, is probably a scam. There are exceptions, but they will be very specific as to exactly how they achieve their larger savings. Like a LED light bulb to replace an incandescent bulb. Which is all very specific on how much electricity it uses, how much light it generates; and how much you will save.

I do not think there is much being offered that is unique, certainly not a mystery, or can not be found by doing some Google searching. If you can work with magnets and electricity I am sure you can Google.

Use the Contact us link above. I can not promise that we will have the answer, but we will know someone who does!

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