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October 25, 2011, 7:48am PDT

Raju Pandey, chief technology officer at SynapSense Corp. of Folsom, was named the Clean Tech Innovator of the Year at the 2011 Clean Tech Showcase.

The CleanStart event Monday was organized by the Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance.

In addition to being a cofounder of SynapSense, Pandey continues to work as a professor at the University of California Davis.

Pandey’s research at the university was into wireless mesh sensor networks. SynapSense uses and develops technologies using wireless networks to monitor and control electricity use in data centers. The technology can save 30 percent of electricticiy usage, which is significant in the growing power-hungry world of data centers.

Founded in 2006, SynapSense has been growing at a rapid clip since it put out its first product, which is used by companies all over the world.

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