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It is interesting to me to note that HAI have selected ZigBee® as their partner for the low power networking platform. As a former evangelist of IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs)I believe that there is still some debate and turmoil in this arena.

But, there are many examples in technology where the "best" technology is not the one initially adopted by an industry. Yet through its emergence as a standard many can work with achieves a critical mass and grows into a standard of excellence. I think of Microsoft and Windows vs. IBM and OS2 or Ethernet vs. Token Ring for networking. I suspect there are many who will not know what I am talking about, and why should they. The standards have been fought out, and the winners are in place now!

It seems to me that the AMR industry has selected ZigBee® as its standard. Having been involved with installing power clamps, and in series monitors into distribution panels these last few weeks, the sooner that this requirement goes away and we can use the meter (after all it is there to measure) as the single point for monitoring the electricity being consumed the better. I do not really care how the data is collected, saving energy requires the data and a home owner who will pay attention to what it means.

I do hope that we will be given simple ways for this ZigBee® data to just work with our home equipment and home internet access. Like it or not Google Powermeter will play a part in most home owners solutions, and to not interface with this would be a form of "technology suicide" in my opinion.

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HAI, the industry leader in custom installed Home Automation systems, offers a family of Home Area Network (HAN) products designed for use in smart grid projects for the Utility industry.

HAI has been working on energy management since its inception in 1985. The very first HAI controller, the Model 1503, was introduced in 1988 and could reduce consumption of electricity by turning off lighting, appliances, heating, and air-conditioning in response to a signal from the utility company. By 1995 HAI had introduced Programmable Communicating Thermostats (PCTs) with its Models RC-81 and RC-101, and showed energy consumption on HAI Omni controller consoles.

HAI has built upon its past experience to create a very flexible product line to meet the needs of any utility customer. Our full suite of products will cover any type of HAN application and include PCTs, an In Home Display (IHD), and Load Control Modules (LCMs).

HAI HAN products may be totally customized to meet the needs of each utility customer. Utilities can specify the exact information that appears on a PCT or IHD, including customized pages and colors, and have the ability to display custom messages during a special event.

The HAI HAN products allow utility customers to implement time of use rating structures, manage demand response by shedding load during peak demand events, and send common custom informational messages to the customer.

ZigBee logo HAI HAN products are designed to use the ZigBee® Smart Energy, Sensus FlexNet®, or many other standard and proprietary RF network technologies for communication. HAI HAN products can control any type of electrical device inside of the home for demand response and can be expanded into far reaching home automation systems.

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