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Bill McEwen
Bill is a regular columnist for the Fresno Bee.
PG&E funding Prop. 16 to keep its stranglehold

Chris Nelder
I am an energy analyst, journalist, consultant, and investor. I have written two books on investing and energy: Profit from the Peak and Investing in Renewable Energy, both of which were published in 2008. I consult and lecture on energy investing and policy, and write for the newsletters Energy and Capital and Green Chip Stocks.
The Renewable Power Rebellion - Local Supply is the Name of the Game
Rethinking Climate Policy - Incentivize, Don’t Penalize

Dick Spotswood
Dick Spotswood, the politics and government columnist for the Marin Independent Journal, served three terms as Mayor of the City of Mill Valley.
What's the public risk in local green power plan?
Both sides need to talk straight on clean energy
Marin's Treasurer Calls for End of Clean Energy Effort

Jim Phelps
Jim Phelps is a power consultant to the electric, petrochemical and cogeneration industries. He and his wife are photovoltaic generators at their home in Novato.
An angry perspective - but with some validity!

Richard Halstead
Fortunately and surprisingly, there were several examples of balanced reporting ... and the Marin IJ's Richard Halstead who managed to stagger though a fem-activist post-speech comment piece and emerge reasonably unscratched.
Marin Voice: County entering power 'minefield'
Marin Energy Authority hashes out details of clean energy plan
Supervisors challenge civil grand jury on Marin Clean Energy
Some residents will have to pay a bit more for Marin Clean Energy