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GreenDIYenergy packaging Plans that offer instructions on how to build a solar panel, a wind generator, or power factor correction units are a scam. Much as we know IOU's are imperfect in how they supply us energy, please do not be deceived by foolish allegations of conspiracy.

For good ideas on how to install a DIY solar energy system, do read the articles in our Solar Energy Forum, written by a Licensed Solar contractor with a NABCEP certification. The author has 24 years experience in installing solar energy systems, and has collaborated with us to provide readers an informed safe place to begin their research.

We are seeing this same scam appear under many names. GreenDIYEnergy or Green DIY Energy - HomeMadeEnergy or Home Made Energy - Power4Home - a web page showing a short video. If the energy product you are considering suggests conspiracy by either the government or utilities I suggest you run!

The perpetrators have engaged in a systematic program to create new web content, targeted at search terms looking for reviews, containing bogus rebuttals and further false energy saving claims. We encourage readers to become selective in the energy sites they frequent, to know that search results can be misleading, and to only consider reviews from trusted energy saving publishers like open4energy.

If by some chance, which is NOT so, the plans were for a real DIY solar panel, or DIY wind generator there is still no possible way to build a solar panel from components at a reasonable cost. It would like trying to build a car from spare parts.

You cannot build your own solar cells anymore than you can make your own plasma TV. You can purchase the parts, but the silicon solar cells are most of the cost of the panel. You can wire up your own cells and mount them in a frame, but there is no way you are going to get anything for $150 that will be of much use. You would be lucky to put together a 10W system that could power a compact florescent bulb for about 6 hours a day.


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