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energyManager is an open source software platform for Data Center managers to measure, graph and manage their Data Center Energy Consumption.

energyManager is built on Cacti and RRDTool, the open source leaders for storing and graphing time series data. It uses the data centers existing power distribution equipment (PDU's) to measure the volts, amps, Real Power and Apparent Power being consumed by the data center equipment.

The on-line tutorials supplied quickly guide a user though installing a VM, Ubuntu 9.04, Cacti, and configuring a complete energyManager system.

For companies already using Cacti for other monitoring applications, energyManager requires its own instance of Cacti to support the one minute polling interval used.

The tutorial example makes use of a public PDU hosted by Geist, allowing users to configure a complete working system with no disruption to existing equipment. Users can configure up to 4 OID's (Volts, Amps, Real Pwr and App Pwr) for each PDU being measured. The cactid poller retrieves energy data each minute and saves it in a single RRDTool time series database.

There is no simpler way to get started with energy saving, monitor your energy consumption, or muster support for an energy management initiative in your organization!

Follow this link to install and configure energyManager!