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The following information has been produced directly from the The Nest Learning Thermostat product web page.

Nest Learning Thermostat

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Manufacturer Product Information
Meet the only thermostat that improves with time. No more programming, no more constantly changing the temperature. The Nest™ Learning Thermostat™ programs itself in a week to keep you comfortable and save energy.

First answer a few basic questions. After that, Nest will learn when you change the temperature.

Nest will do what you tell it, so teach it energy saving habits: turn the temperature down at night or when you leave the house, and don’t turn the temperature too high or low.

Energy saving features like Auto-Away™ and Energy History will become available as Nest learns. Auto-Away turns heating and cooling down automatically when no one is home, saving energy when you don’t need it. Energy History shows you how much energy you’ve used daily.

The Nest Thermostat includes an excellent page describing how it works!

Programs Itself
Stay comfortable when you’re home, save energy when you’re away.

Senses and learns from you
Nest Sense™ is a combination of sensors and algorithms that help Nest understand what’s happening around it.

Always Connected
You just need Wi-Fi and an Internet connection at home.

Simple to use
Since Nest programs itself, your job is easy.

Save energy all year: Teach Nest good habits in the first week and it'll keep them up all year long. Just turn Nest down at night or when you leave the house and don't turn the temperature up too high or down too low.

After a week, Nest will remember you.


Open4Energy - Get Smart about Energy™

I found a blog called WiredPrairie with an excellent write up on their Nest experience, including photographs of the packaging, installation and first few days of operations.

There have been a number of issues - see update #6 - the log concludes with "As Nest continues to be silent on these matters, I strongly recommend you not buy a Nest thermostat. It’s an undone expensive piece of hardware, that while shiny and new, isn’t ready for the duties it claims to have mastered."

There are a number of additional experiences to be read including:

Bill - "Virtually every complaint listed here, including the desire for pre-heating and for historical data availability, is solvable via software, so I remain optimistic and enthusiastic about the product overall."

Dave - " I am certainly not going to buy one now. I too was hoping for energy/cost savings with the snappy advertised features but since they don’t work very well I can only see myself as frustrated."

Once again - do visit the WiredPrairie blog to see the experiences of a number of early adopters!