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Saving electricity by working with your lighting is not as simple as the many articles I see posted suggest. Even when we exclude the stuff from those writing to get you to buy their product, there are still too few real experiences written. If you really wanted to go overboard saving electricity on lighting you can choose to live in the dark. I am not sure what you would do between the time the sun sets, and the time you go to sleep.

Seriously, electricity is here to improve the quality of our life, including lighting. The goal is to improve performance AND use less electricity at the same time. I made the mistake of replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFL light bulbs in the bathroom. We saved electricity but the bulbs did not provide the performance we wanted.  We've since chosen to invest in and experiment with LED lighting in the main bathroom. 

The thing about saving electricity on lighting is that you can make a start without spending any money. Turn OFF all the lights in ALL the areas of your home that you do not need them. This does not mean turning off the lights that you DO need, like security lighting, stair lighting (unless you can turn the lights on at the top and bottom of the stairs) or safety lighting. You will be surprised at how often, in the early days of energy efficiency, you will find that a light you agreed should be turned off, has a life of it's own and somehow manages to stay on. 

We have attempted to limit the articles in this forum to expert yet practical experiences of using CFL's, LED's and other lighting technology to BOTH conserving electricity and increased energy efficiency - having an equal (or better) standard of lighting for the same Kwh used - to enjoy!

Our mission is to provide readers with a secure gateway to real people who have a personal experience on energy saving to share. I hope you will follow this link to read who we are, and join us in this effort to grow by helping each other!

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