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We need all our readers to work with us if we are going to make any decent progress in stopping these energy scam artists. The link goes to a page that explains our costs and how we cover them. We really do need a few moments of your time to overcome the well funded strategy these criminals have at their disposal.

Power Innovator Program May I first appeal to the common sense of our readers. You know when you are being scammed. The Power Innovator Program offered by so called Dr. Richard Goran is a scam.

The product video follows a well proven model of deception. It begins with a credible reference to Nikola Tesla who really is one of the early pioneers of the the electicity industry. It builds trust by confirming something we should know, in particular that FREE energy is a scam.

Then it claims corporate conspiracy (we love consipracy) that only Dr Goran knows about, and how the truth has been hidden from us all. It closes by promising to save you 85% of your electricity bill. That would be nice! And energy independence should there be a power disruption.

Payment is taken by the same Clickbank credit card processor that most of these scams use. As a matter of principle I will never pay for anything that Clickbank is involved with. Then it tries to block you leaving the web site, just as it's many partners in crime; on closing the browser window it pops up "there is unsaved data" - so please be careful everyone - this is nasty stuff! 

The Power Innovator Program follows the theme of the Nikola Tesla Secret scam. Both refer to patents which do exist. But are not actually related to this product. If you are intersted the first scams of this type go back to the original "Magniwork Perpetual Motion" scam. Now I have NOT built any one of these contraptions. But I have researched Tesla, and the allegation that he died in povery ripped off by corporate interests is simply false.

His patented AC induction motor and transformer were licensed by George Westinghouse, who also hired Tesla for a short time as a consultant. His work in the formative years of electric power development was also involved in the corporate struggle between making alternating current or direct current the the power transmission standard, referred to as the Ware of Currents. Tesla went on to pursue his ideas of wireless lighting and electricity distribution in his high-voltage, high-frequency power experiments in New York and Colorado Springs and made early (1893) pronouncements on the possibility of wireless communication.

The criminals promoting these scams are professionals. We really do need to track down every version of these scams. The money is going  to organized crime, part of which funds terrorism. If you do read this post please do not get duped. Look at the reviews and ask yourself how they can all be the same?

Please do not be fooled by the many positive reviews found when searching this product. They have been created to win search pages and promote the scam. Google is being duped (it bases it rankings on words and links) into making these fake reports appear as top search results.

I have asked Google many times if there is not anything that they can do to stop this content being proliferated. They claim to be powerless. If they start to tinker with content and search results rankings, that would make them the information police. Who knows where that would lead to. In practise their search engine is designed to bring the most valuable, most accurate, most referenced and most often read information to the top of any search.

I am sorry that I have not spent a lot of time debunking each claim this scam makes. My point is that they are all so wrong that they do not warrant a technical response. As a general rule, you can assume that any product, offering to save you more than 15% of the energy it will replace, is probably a scam.

There are exceptions, but they will be very specific as to exactly how they achieve their larger savings. Like a LED light bulb that replaces an old incandescent bulb is specific on how much electricity it uses, and for how much light it generates.

Saving money in a 401(k) account, managing it with a Personal Choice Retirement Account (PCRA) or equivalent, is a wise financial choice. Having fun, finding smart ways to save electricty, and teaching science to our children is life changing!

If you are not sure. Use the Contact us link above and ask. I can not promise that we will know the answer, but we will know someone who does!     

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