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We need all our readers to work with us if we are going to make any decent progress in stopping these energy scam artists. The link goes to a page that explains our costs and how we cover them. We really do need a few moments of your time to overcome the well funded strategy these criminals have at their disposal.

Nikola Tesla Secret The "Nikola Tesla Secret Power Device" scam is for all practical purposes a derivative of the original "Magniwork Perpetual Motion" scam. The principle behind this scam is that you can tap into a free supply of radiant energy to power your home. All you need is the 90 year old secret plan from Nikola Tesla.

We hope that the idea you can get energy for FREE, and the foolish claims of kicking your local utility out within a week will have alerted you to the recognizable marketing format used by scam artists. Tesla is an interesting topic but this scam is not!

I have researched Tesla, and the allegation that he died in povery ripped off by corporate interests is simply false. His patented AC induction motor and transformer were licensed by George Westinghouse, who also hired Tesla for a short time as a consultant. His work in the formative years of electric power development was also involved in the corporate struggle between making alternating current or direct current the the power transmission standard, referred to as the Ware of Currents. Tesla went on to pursue his ideas of wireless lighting and electricity distribution in his high-voltage, high-frequency power experiments in New York and Colorado Springs and made early (1893) pronouncements on the possibility of wireless communication.

Kernal of Truth - by - Angry customers admit  that the guide does contain kernels of truth. “Some of the suggestions in the e-book can reduce your home power consumption. For example, checking for air leaks, have better home insulation, servicing your air-conditioning unit or heate etc,”wrote one.  But is it essentially amateurish and misleading, they say. “The whole “document” is 57 pages long and looks like something a kid in high school put together.

The information following is a copy of the article by Bill Beaty called Free Energy Devices.


If someone is making large amounts of money from selling books and videos on free energy, be very suspicious. If someone is selling plans for "real" free-energy devices, they are a ripoff. Don't waste your money. Or if someone is selling "Dealer ships" or investment opportunities for a free energy corp, hold tight to your wallet and RUN!

Or, if you've already let them get their hands on your money, ask to see proof of the FE device, and see what excuse you're given. It will be a very convincing excuse.

Scam artists don't act sneaky. Scam artists survive because they seem far MORE honest and honorable than a normal person. Remember that the "con" in "con game" means "confidence." They win your confidence first, then they go after your money.

We are hearing of readers being duped by energy scams after a few extra drinks. Being annoyed at power companies is understandable. Seeking revenge after a "few extra" is not good. There is an excellent article titled, Naltrexone: Vivitrol, ReVia, Depade for Alcohol Recovery, which I suggest to anyone seeking information on medical help.

How to tell the difference between a con game and a real product? Easy: if you "have to" give them money before receiving a reasonable explanation of what it is and how it works, then it is probably a scam.

Saving money in a 401(k) account, managing it with a Personal Choice Retirement Account (PCRA) or equivalent, is a wise financial choice. Having fun, finding smart ways to save electricty, and teaching science to our children is life changing!

There is a new scam on the market, called Power Innovator Program by Dr Richard Goran doing the rounds, also quoing Nikola Tesla as a source. Please do not get duped by it!

Get Smart about Energy™

by Charles B - I built one of these energy devises and found it will work BUT! not as presented. First, the increase in voltage is not great. Second it's power source [portable induction cookers] are mandated by gov't regulation to have to have an integrated two hour auto shut down for safety. So, even with best performance, who can sit around 24/7 re-booting the thing?